Today, I've released the 2nd volume in the Owen & Makayla Trilogy wide via Draft2Digital. "Forty-Eight Hours of Bliss" is now available at Apple Books, kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. (including Amazon). From a writer's perspective, I wasn't getting a lot of Kindle Unlimited reads, and I've sold some of "Twenty-Four Hours of... Continue Reading →

#TestWriter: Using Mailchimp (or, What the Heck am I Doing?)

First of all, thanks to all of you who subscribe to my blog, whether you're engaged and commenting or just passively looking at my posts. You're here, so thanks so much for being here! However, most of you are WordPress members, which tells me I'm really not getting much traction outside of WordPress. Since I'd heard so... Continue Reading →


Isn't that redundant? Well... kind of and emphatically not.  There are a lot of tools, services, and companies offering products to writers, specifically to indie authors.  But most are new not tested, and some even border on scamming hopeful authors. So I guess the term I'm looking for is more like Beta Tester. In any... Continue Reading →

Review of “Accidents Happen” by Kassie Ward

Review's first appearance was on Goodreads. Accidents Happen: A Biggest Small Town Ever Novel by Kassie Ward My rating: 3 of 5 stars Really... 3.5 stars. *Full Disclosure: While this is an honest review, I am friends with the author.* The premise: Julian Fursey, writer with a day job, is coming back from a writer's... Continue Reading →

Review of “More From Dreams” by Bethanie F. Devors

Review's first appearance was on Goodreads. If you want to read the hidden spoiler content go to: More From Dreams: Book Two: The Seodrassian Chronicles by Bethanie F. DeVors My rating: 4 of 5 stars *Full DISCLOSURE: While this is an honest review, the author is a longtime friend of mine. . . .... Continue Reading →

Podcast Confusion–Explained

So, everyone these days is talking about podcasts. Listen to my podcast, did you hear this podcast, I want to start a podcast... if you are (still) wondering what a podcast actually is and how to get it, here's a great article. It's a little over a year old at this point, but still relevant.... Continue Reading →

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