Why Do Your Book Reviews Matter? | Lauren Faulkenberry

For emerging authors, reviews mean everything. About 10% of readers leave reviews, but here’s why I hope you’ll be in that deeply loved, super-rad elite cross section of fans. The number of reviews help authors get into promotional gold mines like BookBub,… Continue Reading → Source: Why Do Your Book Reviews Matter? | Lauren Faulkenberry

Leaked Cover Reveal brings Writer’s Anxiety

So I did this on Twitter yesterday: So I'm on here. I guess I need to tweet something..... Hmm... How about a cover reveal! I'm going to be daring and force myself to a deadline on this one. Coming soon! Like next week! Ugh... why did I say that? yeesh ymnelson.com #48hoursofBliss #24hoursofFreedom Part2 pic.twitter.com/v2rRBhgkrI... Continue Reading →

Want to help choose a cover for (and get a cover sneak peak of) my upcoming novel? Take the survey here! Also included is a link to request an Advanced Review Copy. https://goo.gl/forms/rOATY9JQAoxTj9jT2

The Notebook

I have a short story contest deadline in a few days, and I have been wracking my brain trying to find a short enough idea for this 1250-word contest. I'm great with 10k words, but a piece that's under 2,000 is tougher for me. (Hey, I talk a lot; I write a lot.) I've also been straightening up... Continue Reading →

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