Cover of Forty-Eight Hours of Bliss by Y. M. Nelson

Forty-Eight Hours of Bliss

“A weekend was hardly enough time to unpack this situation. But it may be all the time she would get with him.”

–“Forty-Eight Hours of Bliss”

About the Book

Longtime friends Owen and Makayla realized their true feelings for each other a mere 24 hours before Owen was carted off to jail. Now released, Owen sees a new beginning, but Makayla sees a confusing, hard road ahead for the two of them. With two arrests and a slew of future court dates, she’s convinced this is the wrong time to start a relationship. And then there’s that nagging feeling Makayla can’t shake–the feeling that Owen’s not telling her everything. It’s no longer just a question of whether or not their feelings for one another can survive a legal trial, but also a trial of trust.

Published by: One Creative Summer Press
Release Date: July 24, 2018
Pages: 42
ISBN13: 9780998783734

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