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Victoria Caldwell is a thirty-something single woman with an unfulfilling job, a growing waistline, and a past filled with failed relationships. In her words, uncomfortable and unhappy. When she receives an email from her ex-boyfriend congratulating her on a book she hadn’t written, Victoria realizes just how far she is from living the life she wanted. What happened to her dream of wearing a size-eight, red, sheath dress, standing between a table piled with copies of her best-seller and her movie star-hot boyfriend? If she doesn’t change her situation now, she’ll be stuck in this nowhere job forever, with the only thing waiting for her at home being notebooks stacked high of unpublished writing.

Motivated by her ex’s email, Victoria resolves to achieve her “Happiness Trifecta”: love, a slimmer body, and a writing career. She’s exercising, she’s looking for a new job, she’s hopeful again. Then she runs into Michael–literally. He could be the missing piece to her dream-life’s puzzle. But dating him is becoming an all-consuming pursuit—preparing for dates instead of writing, exercising and dieting so she can look good naked. Did she just trade her donut and potato chip habits for a man fix? What about the “Trifecta”? Plus, Michael’s got his own issues.

Victoria’s journey takes her through crazy work schedules, fun times, and a daunting first-time gym visit, but she doesn’t traverse it alone. Living Between Dreams is not just about the life journeys we take to realize our dreams, but those we take along with us for the ride.

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