Star Date

A funny, Trekkie Romance

Star Date (not too distant future)

Brandon is a diehard Trekkie. He’s watched every Star Trek movie and franchise episode multiple times, he has several collectible cosplay uniforms in his closet—Will Riker’s being his favorite, and he’s been to dozens of conventions. But he’s never met—or fought with—anyone like Phoenix before.

Phoenix is looking forward to her first Star Trek convention—until she meets Brandon. He’s nothing like the Riker character she loves to hate: he’s combative, socially awkward, and off-putting. But he’s so adorable.

Phoenix and Brandon keep running into each other, each time more heated than the next. With three days of convention to get through, will they get past the hostility and find what they know is there—attraction and perhaps even love?

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1 thought on “Star Date Book Page”

  1. I started and finished this story with my morning coffee. It was so warm and delightful, I refilled my cup a couple of times. I’m a Star Trek fan. I’ve seen everything that isn’t behind a paywall I don’t subscribe to, but I got all the references none the less. And I might be planning a ball gown for a STARS OUT BALL one day…

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