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When college friends Owen and Makayla reconnect before their 15th reunion, they wonder why they stopped being friends in the first place. And when Owen is sequestered at Makayla’s house pending an arrest, they realize they may have more than friend feelings for each other.

But this is not Owen’s first arrest, and it’s no trivial matter. Devon, Owen’s former business partner is gunning for him. He wants to take Owen out any way he can to keep Owen quiet. Standing up to Devon is an easy choice for Owen. But when Makayla gets caught in the middle, he could risk not only his freedom, but Makayla’s life as well.

Coming Soon: Free Story Lemonade Stand

ONLY FOR NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: I am opening up my Free Story Lemonade Stand where you can download any of my free short stories, alternate endings, bonus content! One of my first bonus story features will be “When Elaheh Met Geronimo” from my debut romantic comedy The Accidental Swipe!