Girl On a Query Train – Another great resource

Ina lot of the latest posts from Publishing…and Other Forms of Insanity they’ve had some great potential agent contacts. Within each of their contact listings they mention an awesome blog called Query Shark. I wanted to get some specific help for a specific part of my query, and I found myself just reading posts for anContinue reading “Girl On a Query Train – Another great resource”

Writing Insight: Your Questions Answered

Q: Can you help me inspire a class of 3rd graders to write? I’d love to promote authorship this year. A: First of all, what age are third-graders? I’m kidding. No, really? I remember in 3rd grade my teacher would punish us by making us write a sentence a 100 times (Think Bart Simpson), orContinue reading “Writing Insight: Your Questions Answered”

Defining some agent terms

Now that I’m actively shopping my book to agents, I’ve had to do a lot of research. Some of the lingo I’m coming across in agents’ bios even I don’t understand, and I’ve researched agents before. Yesterday, I had to Google what speculative fiction was. (FYI: it’s any fiction that imagines a different world–sci fi,Continue reading “Defining some agent terms”

Perseverance and Perspective

I decided to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo (which started 7/1) and was perusing the site and the Q&A for some motivation. I am also still in my anxious waiting period for my first novel (and surreptitiously doing even more revisions). This quote and link from Melissa DeCarlo, a published NaNoWriMo author is apt for myContinue reading “Perseverance and Perspective”

Writing Career and Academic Job Frustrations

I found a personal essay about the search for an academic writing job by Emilia Phillips in today’s Practicing Writing blog post from Erika Driefus. This personal essay captures the essence of the process of finding a writing job, a professorship, or both.  It’s a well-written emotive account of the struggle and the sacrifice writers and writingContinue reading “Writing Career and Academic Job Frustrations”