Writing Insight November (October): NANO and Me – Day 1

As I open my writing email account, I can feel a tingling in my fingers and toes. A tremble goes up my spine. My cheeks heat in anticipation. NaNoWriMo is here! Am I working on a new novel for NaNo? Well, no and yes. I started this novel at CampNaNo in the summer, but IContinue reading “Writing Insight November (October): NANO and Me – Day 1”

Writing Insight: August –The Honeymoon Phase

I’m a little late (hey, give me some leeway; I’m a professor at the start of a semester!) on my monthly insight, but you have to understand. . . I’m on my honeymoon. Of course, I mean my writer’s honeymoon. That period where you’re just starting a novel. Maybe you’ve started writing the first draft,Continue reading “Writing Insight: August –The Honeymoon Phase”