Lost in the Maze: Revising and Editing

Revising is sometimes ‘like a nightmare’, especially when you’ve crafted what you think is this easy-to-follow, wonderfully evolving story. Line edits are much easier: for the most part grammar is black and white. This is part of a comment from a post I read about revising and editing from Joynell Schultz’ BlogĀ on revising and editingContinue reading “Lost in the Maze: Revising and Editing”

. . .Then This is for You! (A Post about Target Audiences)

When I think about an audience for a piece, I think about not what I want to say, but what does someone who’s going to pick up this piece of writing want to hear? In business writing, it’s all about audience: it’s about connecting to them, respecting them, and most of the time, soliciting theirContinue reading “. . .Then This is for You! (A Post about Target Audiences)”