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What Do You Think About Book Reviews?

Readers: Sound off on your opinions about book reviews!

A little self-endorsement while endorsing others

Last week my first book review with BookTrib.com came out. It was for Annie Ward’s psychological thriller novel Beautiful Bad which was an entertaining page-turner. There’s something kind of jarring about writing a book review, especially for an author. It’s like having your own…

Readers: I need your reviews (and so does every other author

While we need your HONEST reviews (positive and negative), if you like a book, posting a review (even just a star rating) is even more beneficial to you.

Get a copy of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” for a Review!

I am giving away 100 free copies of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” in exchange for an honest review about the story on Goodreads and at eBook retailers. Copies will be provided by Smashwords (you have to have a FREE account to purchase there) and are compatible with…