Friday Fun Review: “Dating You/Hating You”

I promise this will be the last of the Christina Lauren books for a while! The next Friday Fun Review will be from an indie author (like me!) Dating You / Hating You by Christina Lauren My rating: 4 of 5 stars If you’ve been following my Friday Fun Reviews on my site (or myContinue reading “Friday Fun Review: “Dating You/Hating You””

Friday Fun Review…filled with Controversy?

Review of Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren About the review (background on why I said what I said in the review) I didn’t go into this in my review, because it’s been SO LONG since the Twilight phenom, the fan fiction craze that followed, and the subsequent Fifty Shades of Gray (FSOG) craze afterwards, thatContinue reading “Friday Fun Review…filled with Controversy?”

Friday Fun Review of “My Favorite Half-Night Stand”

My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren My rating: 5 of 5 stars This the first novel I’ve read by Christina Lauren (writing duo Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings), but I have had Dating You / Hating You on my TBR list for 2 YEARS. Who knew I would love these ladies’ books so much?Continue reading “Friday Fun Review of “My Favorite Half-Night Stand””

Owen & Makayla 3: Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal! So, Valentine’s Day is not my favorite day. Even though I write love stories. Romance to me is not about being obligated to buy your loved one a card or chocolates (although those things are nice), it’s about how you feel and show your feelings to that loved one throughout the year for as longContinue reading “Owen & Makayla 3: Cover Reveal”