Writing Insight: August –The Honeymoon Phase

I’m a little late (hey, give me some leeway; I’m a professor at the start of a semester!) on my monthly insight, but you have to understand. . . I’m on my honeymoon. Of course, I mean my writer’s honeymoon. That period where you’re just starting a novel. Maybe you’ve started writing the first draft,Continue reading “Writing Insight: August –The Honeymoon Phase”

It’s OK to be Angry (or anything else) After Job Loss

I was leaving a store one day when a former co-worker called out to me. This was the first time I had seen her since the company lay-off, and I wasn’t really expecting to see anyone I knew (I never am), so I was surprised when I saw her in the store’s uniform. After talkingContinue reading “It’s OK to be Angry (or anything else) After Job Loss”

Anger and Krispy Kremes

It wells up from inside you like a burning lava rock that you formed somehow between your stomach and your liver and fueled by your thoughts.  How does anger do that? It springs up fully  potent, amazingly fierce, ready to be unleashed from its birthplace to spread its heat onto other (possibly unsuspecting) human prey.Continue reading “Anger and Krispy Kremes”