Cowardice and Limitations

While we are shying away from the things that make us feel cowardly, we are missing out on making a new friend, having an adventure, or just learning something new. Growth does not happen in the midst of cowardice.  Instead it limits us and our potential. I often feel cowardice the most when I have to […]

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Anger and Krispy Kremes

It wells up from inside you like a burning lava rock that you formed somehow between your stomach and your liver and fueled by your thoughts.  How does anger do that? It springs up fully  potent, amazingly fierce, ready to be unleashed from its birthplace to spread its heat onto other (possibly unsuspecting) human prey.

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What do you feel?

Someone asked me this question recently, and I had to tell that person “Something!” It was a positive feeling; I just didn’t know what it was.  Have you ever felt like days are just passing by you, yet you didn’t have any feelings outside of the small victories or irks of a daily routine? Sometimes I

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