life change

A New You

Last week for the first time in years, I painted my fingernails. It sounds ridiculous, I know,  but it was almost like being a new me. My former place of employment didn’t allow nail polish ( for a very good reason, not as a dress code issue or a management issue) in most of its

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Time Travel and Treasure

Last night I noticed that most of the science fiction (and some of the drama) I like involves time travel in some way. I’m fascinated by time travel and how going back in time can change the course of your life. I don’t know why, but this also brought up a dream I regularly have

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Necessary Change

Sometimes you know deep in your being when you need to change. You get that dreaded feeling Sunday night before a new week. You acquire a leaden stride when you approach the entrance. You feel like you’re being fitted for a straight jacket when you’re starting the day. This is when you know you need

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