#MyTinderSeries: Was it Worth it?

So, here’s my Tinder experience by the numbers. Weeks on Tinder: 12 Total number of matches: approximately 30-35 Super likes: 1 (and that was an accident) Highest number of matches at one time: 17 Matches who talked with me: 8 Matches who “yelled” at me at some point during conversation: 2 Matches who outright askedContinue reading “#MyTinderSeries: Was it Worth it?”

#MyTinderSeries: Signs That it’s Not a Match

Now that I’ve “sampled” some of the Tinder offerings, I realize that sometimes people don’t know when it’s not a match. They keep attempting to make a connection for whatever reason, but it’s getting nowhere. Here’s how to tell it’s not a match: If they say “you aren’t listening.” For most people, just being heardContinue reading “#MyTinderSeries: Signs That it’s Not a Match”