Writer’s Insight July: Post #CampNaNo Vol. 2

Last year was my first foray into the #NanoWriMo world (thanks, Joynell Schultz!),Ā where I worked on drafting my second novel. But I didn’t win. šŸ˜¦ This July’s camp, I focused on editing my first novel. I was more cognizant of deadlines, and with a little modifying of my goals, I won! But I struggled theContinue reading “Writer’s Insight July: Post #CampNaNo Vol. 2”

Writing Insight November (October): NANO and Me – Day 1

As I open my writing email account, I can feel a tingling in my fingers and toes. A tremble goes up my spine. My cheeks heat in anticipation. NaNoWriMo is here! Am I working on a new novel for NaNo? Well, no and yes. I started this novel at CampNaNo in the summer, but IContinue reading “Writing Insight November (October): NANO and Me – Day 1”

Post Camp “Blues”?

IĀ felt like I was theĀ “last kid to leave camp” this morning as I logged onto the Camp NaNoWriMo website. I went in to get a final look at my word count progress and delete all of my emails (IĀ  don’t know why I wanted to do that–it felt like cleaning out my closet, I guess),Continue reading “Post Camp “Blues”?”