Writer’s Insight, August: Starting Over Doesn’t Mean Looking Backward

So, if you’ve been following my blog for the last month, you probably know about my latest struggles with my first novel manuscript. But in case you need a quick refresher: Feb 2017— Beta Reads and feedback. Major rewrites needed for first half of book Mar-Apr – Did the major rewrites on first chapters for a contestContinue reading “Writer’s Insight, August: Starting Over Doesn’t Mean Looking Backward”

It’s here! The eStory, the Novel Series Wind-down, The Fear

It’s weird: the feeling of fear mixed with excitement and anxiety I felt this morning when I received the following 2 emails: Dear Y. M., Per your request, we’re writing to notify you someone has purchased your book: Congratulations! Your pre-order book “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” is live in the Kindle Store and it is available* forContinue reading “It’s here! The eStory, the Novel Series Wind-down, The Fear”

Writing Insight November (October): NANO and Me – Day 1

As I open my writing email account, I can feel a tingling in my fingers and toes. A tremble goes up my spine. My cheeks heat in anticipation. NaNoWriMo is here! Am I working on a new novel for NaNo? Well, no and yes. I started this novel at CampNaNo in the summer, but IContinue reading “Writing Insight November (October): NANO and Me – Day 1”

Perseverance and Perspective

I decided to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo (which started 7/1) and was perusing the site and the Q&A for some motivation. I am also still in my anxious waiting period for my first novel (and surreptitiously doing even more revisions). This quote and link from Melissa DeCarlo, a published NaNoWriMo author is apt for myContinue reading “Perseverance and Perspective”

Lost in the Maze: Revising and Editing

Revising is sometimes ‘like a nightmare’, especially when you’ve crafted what you think is this easy-to-follow, wonderfully evolving story. Line edits are much easier: for the most part grammar is black and white. This is part of a comment from a post I read about revising and editing from Joynell Schultz’ Blog on revising and editingContinue reading “Lost in the Maze: Revising and Editing”