Girl On a Query Train – Another great resource

Ina lot of the latest posts from Publishing…and Other Forms of Insanity they’ve had some great potential agent contacts. Within each of their contact listings they mention an awesome blog called Query Shark. I wanted to get some specific help for a specific part of my query, and I found myself just reading posts for anContinue reading “Girl On a Query Train – Another great resource”

The waiting and the wave

My first rejections for my first novel manuscript came in this weekend, and I’m glad I have prepared myself for them. Discovering recent posts about rejection (some links to those here) and just being in writing groups for several years and getting a feel of this process was a big plus in the preparation.  The only thing IContinue reading “The waiting and the wave”

How to Write the Perfect Query Letter – Query Letter Example

Now that I am on the second wave of queries for my first novel, I’m looking at redrafting my query letter. This is a great tutorial for anyone stumped about writing a query from #WritersDigest. A literary agent shares a real-life novel pitch that ultimately led to a book deal—and shows you how to queryContinue reading “How to Write the Perfect Query Letter – Query Letter Example”

Striving for . . .Rejection?

The internet has been great for writers who just want to be read. . .put your stuff on a blog, publish it to a website like Scribd. or even your own;  it’s there for life. Sometimes you get paid; most of the time you don’t. But if you want to get more exposure, upgrade your writer status, publishContinue reading “Striving for . . .Rejection?”