Writer’s Insight, Q1’18-Indie Publishing Part 1-Covers and Prep (aka editing)

In 2017 after several rejections and the desire to get this novel out there so I can move on to Novel Two, I decided to self-publish my first novel (also the first in a trilogy). For the first 3 months of this year, I’ve been learning about, signing up for, and immersing myself in the technicalContinue reading “Writer’s Insight, Q1’18-Indie Publishing Part 1-Covers and Prep (aka editing)”

Writing Insight- December: Self-Publishing-An Indie Author’s Journey Begins

So I’ve decided – while wading through the overwhelming research and my many rejection letters and emails – to self-publish my first book. Partly, it’s to get the first book out there: it’s the first in an as-of-now trilogy, and the second one is outlined and 1/4 written. Partly, it’s to really see what IContinue reading “Writing Insight- December: Self-Publishing-An Indie Author’s Journey Begins”

KDP/Createspace v. Smashwords v. Scribd.

I’m looking for some advice on self-publishing platforms. For anyone who’s published or knows about using any of these platforms: 1)what’s the difference between them? 2)Which one did you like better? 3) Also, are there restrictions? I’ve heard if you publish on KDP/Createspace that they buy your exclusive rights and you can’t publish it anywhereContinue reading “KDP/Createspace v. Smashwords v. Scribd.”

Looking for A Few Good . . . Editors

In my search for an agent and research into self-publishing, one tip I have consistently found has been to find a good editor. While I think I’m a good editor, I don’t trust myself to edit my own work when it comes to the big things. I also know there are several subscribers and otherContinue reading “Looking for A Few Good . . . Editors”

Great Tips for Authors interested in Self-publishing

This is a short-and-sweet but informative article by Kealan Patrick Burke with some great tips for authors who are thinking of going into self-publishing.  He doesn’t say much about editing, but what he says should be a hard and fast rule.  Many in the publishing/media industry look down on self-published authors because they skimp on editingContinue reading “Great Tips for Authors interested in Self-publishing”