Get a copy of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” for a Review!

I am giving away 100 free copies of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” in exchange for an honest review about the story on Goodreads and at eBook retailers. Copies will be provided by Smashwords (you have to have a FREE account to purchase there) and are compatible with most eReaders. The coupon expires on March 31, 2017. **Offer ends:Continue reading “Get a copy of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” for a Review!”

KDP/Createspace v. Smashwords v. Scribd.

I’m looking for some advice on self-publishing platforms. For anyone who’s published or knows about using any of these platforms: 1)what’s the difference between them? 2)Which one did you like better? 3) Also, are there restrictions? I’ve heard if you publish on KDP/Createspace that they buy your exclusive rights and you can’t publish it anywhereContinue reading “KDP/Createspace v. Smashwords v. Scribd.”