Career Stereotyping

So, this is probably not what you think. But it can affect people just as much as any other type of stereotyping. It  happens regularly in the work world, especially now in a generation of what I call “mobile employment” (people aren’t staying at one company working for the gold watch anymore–they move).  You want to

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A New You

Last week for the first time in years, I painted my fingernails. It sounds ridiculous, I know,  but it was almost like being a new me. My former place of employment didn’t allow nail polish ( for a very good reason, not as a dress code issue or a management issue) in most of its

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Time Travel and Treasure

Last night I noticed that most of the science fiction (and some of the drama) I like involves time travel in some way. I’m fascinated by time travel and how going back in time can change the course of your life. I don’t know why, but this also brought up a dream I regularly have

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