twenty-four hours of freedom

Free on Amazon: “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom”

“TWENTY-FOUR HOURS OF FREEDOM” IS NOW FREE ON AMAZON! If you haven’t gotten a copy because you don’t want to mess with the steps of adding a .mobi file, now you can download straight from Amazon! And it’s free! Huzzah! 😁😁😁 Click here to find out about “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom”

#Romance Week: Satiate your desires… for answers!

It’s #RomanceWeek ! (2/6-2/14) So I thought, why not answer some questions about “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom”? It is a love story after all! Ask your #24HrsofFreedom questions at Y.M. Nelson’s books on Goodreads Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)