Why did I do this? (I read “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” out loud!)

On episode eight of the Nerdy Romantics Podcast, author Y. M. Nelson will read her first indie published short story, “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom.” This is part 1 of the “Owen & Makayla Trilogy.”

In this episode:

  • I list the songs on the playlist for the story
  • I read the story (in its entirety)
  • I talk about how I came up with it
  • I address the most common feedback I get about the trilogy

Books Mentioned During the Episode

“Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” is available for free at most eBook retailers. You can find them here.

“Forty-Eight Hours of Bliss” is available for free at https://ymnelson.com/subscribe

To learn more about the trilogy, read the description here (purchase links are available)

If you have read any of my stories:

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Playlist for the Owen & Makayla Trilogy on Spotify

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Ep.8 Y. M. Nelson reads "Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom" Nerdy Romantics Podcast

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Free on Amazon: “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom”


If you haven’t gotten a copy because you don’t want to mess with the steps of adding a .mobi file, now you can download straight from Amazon! And it’s free! Huzzah! 😁😁😁

Click here to find out about “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom”

“Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” Sequel? You decide

Since it’s voting day in the US, I’ve just posted a poll about my eStory “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” on its FB page. I’ve been getting some steady feedback about wanting a sequel, so I’d like to know what you think?

So I keep getting feedback that 24 hours with Owen and Makayla are not enough. Since it's voting day, I thought a poll…

Posted by Twenty-four hours Of Freedom on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Facebook Poll-“Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” Sequel

Book Advertising $: Where to spend them? (Part 1-Facebook)

Facebook Ads
Since Smashwords is having their “Read an EBook” week this week, I thought I would coincide that with my book giveaway. (so there can be an extra week of free!) I saw a Smashwords post on FB, and thought, why not share and boost an ad post on FB? At least they give a total budget and potential reach of customers. If only want to spend a few dollars on this, I can. Plus, it’s one post boost–it’s practically harmless, right?

So far I’ve got a couple of downloads.  I’m not sure exactly where those leads came from, because I have posted this announcement all over my social media accounts, and not too many of these have the same tracking/statistics as WordPress. But I have noticed the spike in sales since that FB post was put up.

FaceBook “Boost Post” Function to get awareness out there about my book

There are 7 more days for this ad to run, so I will keep you updated on my progress. So far I’ve learned.

Lessons Learned:

  • Advertising gets you exposure out of your own circle. (And you wouldn’t believe how big your circle really is (and how small it is in comparison to your target reader.).)
  • A little $ can go a long way, so invest in a marketing budget.
  • Again, a great book cover is halfway to a great advertisement on digital platforms (I didn’t have to create a commercial or even do anything but be myself and I had an ad.)
  • Look for advertising plans/vendors with specific data and potential reach and targeting information. In other words, know how much each $ of advertising will buy.

eStory Giveaway: Coupon Code Inside!

I am giving away 100 free copies of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” in exchange for an honest review about the story on Goodreads and at eBook retailers.

Copies will be provided by Smashwords (you have to have a FREE account to purchase there) and are compatible with most eReaders. (1 free copy per email address/review)

Link to purchase: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/695945

The COUPON code is: VJ49M

This offer ends on March 31, 2017!

Get a copy of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” for a Review!

I am giving away 100 free copies of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” in exchange for an honest review about the story on Goodreads and at eBook retailers.

Copies will be provided by Smashwords (you have to have a FREE account to purchase there) and are compatible with most eReaders.

The coupon expires on March 31, 2017.

**Offer ends: March 31, 2017. Book must be downloaded by April 1, 2017

#Romance Week: Satiate your desires… for answers!

It’s #RomanceWeek ! (2/6-2/14)

So I thought, why not answer some questions about “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom”? It is a love story after all! Ask your #24HrsofFreedom questions at https://www.goodreads.com/YMNelson

Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom
Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom

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Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom