Writing Insight: September – Reading Inspiration

As the old saying goes: “Writers write, and writers read.” A few years ago in an online writers discussion group, someone asked what we (as writers) read. Most people listed certain genres – biography, historical fiction, fantasy, etc. I don’t remember my exact answer, but my wording was something along the lines of reading across genresContinue reading “Writing Insight: September – Reading Inspiration”

The waiting and the wave

My first rejections for my first novel manuscript came in this weekend, and I’m glad I have prepared myself for them. Discovering recent posts about rejection (some links to those here) and just being in writing groups for several years and getting a feel of this process was a big plus in the preparation.  The only thing IContinue reading “The waiting and the wave”

Striving for . . .Rejection?

The internet has been great for writers who just want to be read. . .put your stuff on a blog, publish it to a website like Scribd. or even your own;  it’s there for life. Sometimes you get paid; most of the time you don’t. But if you want to get more exposure, upgrade your writer status, publishContinue reading “Striving for . . .Rejection?”

For writers (aka touting the FB Author Page and Writer’s Insight)

As I was looking over my Facebook Author page activity, I noticed several gems of advice and articles for writers that are only present in the FB world. If you are on Facebook, check out and “like” my Author Page (you can click below or  click here to access.) There are also some great comments onlyContinue reading “For writers (aka touting the FB Author Page and Writer’s Insight)”

Great Tips for Authors interested in Self-publishing

This is a short-and-sweet but informative article by Kealan Patrick Burke with some great tips for authors who are thinking of going into self-publishing.  He doesn’t say much about editing, but what he says should be a hard and fast rule.  Many in the publishing/media industry look down on self-published authors because they skimp on editingContinue reading “Great Tips for Authors interested in Self-publishing”

Defining some agent terms

Now that I’m actively shopping my book to agents, I’ve had to do a lot of research. Some of the lingo I’m coming across in agents’ bios even I don’t understand, and I’ve researched agents before. Yesterday, I had to Google what speculative fiction was. (FYI: it’s any fiction that imagines a different world–sci fi,Continue reading “Defining some agent terms”