R.L.Stine and Writing

What R.L. Stine says in the beginning about writing as a child and what he says in the end about advice to writers really resonates with me. As a writer I remember wanting to stay in and finish writing during summer break. You know you’re a writer when that’s all that’s on your mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ru5ae4YnUU

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Afraid of Success

Writing is a part of me. I am constantly thinking about it, reading others’ writing, and talking about it. But sometimes I’m not actually doing it. I’ve been wondering why lately I’ve found every excuse not to write. Suddenly an explanation came to me: I may be afraid of success. Is it really possible, to be afraid of

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I hadn’t met with a writing critique group in a long time. Last month, I temporarily got over my fear of meeting new people and went to my first critique group. A critique group where you read your work aloud. Why did I ever decide to do this? But read I did–in a public place–and

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Creative Writing Career. . .unfulfilled? Do we open the “Stable Job” door?

In one of my LinkedIn groups, someone proposed this question for discussion: Money-wise, is it worth quitting a secure job to do creative writing as a full-time career? I’m currently in retail, which is fine in terms of money & job security but not job satisfaction, especially for a highly creative mind. I know I

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Right now, I am experiencing what can only be described as a creative void. It’s like my creativity and vitality are stuck in a white room with no doors or windows, sitting in a white chair unable to move. I can hear the dull roar of life just outside the room, but nothing is discernible;

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