The Accidental Proposal

ISBN: 978-0-9987837-1-0 (print) 978-0-9987837-0-3 (eBook)
Planned Release date: June 25, 2024
Publisher: One Creative Summer Press

He wants to fix things. She wants him to choose.

Jason Reed, aka “Emo” to his college buddies, has been on a never-ending quest for the perfect woman. Now, he’s finally found her in Fortune Edwards. He’s head over heels, dreaming of a future where she’s wearing his ring. But before they can take that step, there’s a small matter of introducing her to his friends.

Fortune’s totally into Jason, but she’s not exactly thrilled about meeting his buddies formally, especially after she had to give one of them a piece of her mind (or rather, a kick where it counts). Yeah, Seth deserved it, but it’s more than just a bruised “ego.” Seth’s a racist bully intent on vilifying Fortune and breaking up her and Jason’s “unnatural” relationship.

As friendships get tested, and emotions run high, Jason’s desire to fix things only drives a wedge between him and Fortune. Can he mend the rifts and salvage both his friendships and his budding romance? Or will he have to make the ultimate choice between old friends and the promise of a future with Fortune?

Jason and Fortune must navigate the challenges of prejudice and learn the true meanings of friendship and of standing by the one you love if their relationship can survive.

This is Book 2 of Accidental Lovers, which continues Fortune and Jason’s story. While this can be read alone, read Book 1 first to enhance your reading experience.

If you like:

  • Touch her and die trope
  • Beta heroes with gooey cinnamon roll feelings inside
  • Plus-size heroines
  • Funny (and truly awful) group dates
  • Steamy love scenes

Then get this book today!

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