DCTV Review: Titans … Unite?

On episode 15, author Y. M. Nelson and guest Jen Graybeal reviews Titans TV series airing on HBO Max for the “DCTV and DCU reviews” miniseries. In this miniseries we review current TV shows and movies with DC Comics superheroes.

We go into depth with the many characters on the show, compare storytelling through the seasons, and give a star rating along with a few trigger warnings.

Note** If you don’t want to be spoiled, go straight to the star ratings chapter (if chapters are available on your podcast provider), listen, then come back after you’ve watched for the review!

Character Primer for Titans

Regular Name

  • Kory (Koriand’r)
  • Dick Grayson
  • Jason Todd
  • Hank
  • Dawn
  • Donna Troy
  • Rachel
  • Gar (Garfield)
  • Connor
  • Bruce
  • Barbara Gordon
  • Komand’r
  • Krypto
Superhero Name

  • Starfire
  • Robin (the one most of us know)
  • Robin (also! Round 2, if you will)
  • Hawk
  • Dove
  • Wondergirl
  • Raven
  • Beastboy
  • Superboy
  • Bruce Wayne (Batman)
  • Batgirl
  • Blackfire
  • Krypto (Superdog)

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How we found the series
  • What we first thought when we were watching it
  • Comparison to Teen Titans and other DCTV shows
  • Season 3
    • Easter Eggs
    • How we felt about the diversion in storytelling
  • What we would rate the show
    • Caveats and Trigger Warnings

Neither Nerdy Romantics Podcast nor its guests are knowingly affiliated with HBO, the show Titans, or any of their affiliated companies or partners.

Mentioned During the Episode

  • Teen Titans (series run 2003-2006 on Cartoon Network and Kids WB)
  • Fringe (series run 2008-2013 on Fox)
  • Pushing Daisies (series run 2007-2009 on ABC)
  • Scandal (series run 2012-2018 on ABC)
  • Inventing Anna (currently running limited series on Netflix)
  • Reacher (currently running season 1 on Amazon Prime Video)

Titans exists outside of the Arrowverse DCTV series but we do mention these Arrowverse shows as a comparison:

  • Arrow (series run 2012-2020)
  • The Flash (currently running)

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