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Writer’s Insight, Q1’18-Indie Publishing Part 1-Covers and Prep (aka editing)

In 2017 after several rejections and the desire to get this novel out there so I can move on to Novel Two, I decided to self-publish my first novel (also the first in a trilogy). For the first 3 months of this year, I've been learning about, signing up for, and immersing myself in the technical... Continue Reading →

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#MyTinderSeries, a blog about…love?

Recently, it has been made painfully obvious to me that I am a hypocrite. (This might have been a self-revelation, but still.) I read about love--I always have at least 1 romance or WF with romantic elements in my "currently reading" list on Goodreads. I write about love--my first published story was a romance. And I... Continue Reading →

The Notebook

I have a short story contest deadline in a few days, and I have been wracking my brain trying to find a short enough idea for this 1250-word contest. I'm great with 10k words, but a piece that's under 2,000 is tougher for me. (Hey, I talk a lot; I write a lot.) I've also been straightening up... Continue Reading →

The Author Photo in a Racist, Opinionated Digital Age

So, I'm dreading the obligatory author photo, but I have now accepted the fact that I need one. If anything, I need to show people I am the one who wrote this awesome-sauce piece of literary genius. (That's hyperbole. See how awesome a writer I am?) You're probably wondering why I'm dreading this. Maybe you're envisioning... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Insight, Q2’18-Indie Publishing Part 2-Overwhelmed is an Understatement

My "Word of the Day" on Tuesday was OVERWHELMED. My target release date for the 1st installment of my Living Between Dreams series was fast approaching, and everything that I didn't know about publishing was on my "To Do" list. How do I use this InDesign book template to format my paperback? How do indie publishers... Continue Reading →

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