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Recommendation: Well Behaved Wives by Amy Sue Nathan

Amy Nathan’s newest novel is an Amazon First Reads this month and a #1 best Seller. So why am I recommending this to you? For one, it’s a great book for those who love 1960s historical fiction. And two, because Amy’s just an awesome person who’s going through a decidedly horrible time right now.

So if the price doesn’t convince you, and the awesomeness of the book doesn’t convince you, then take a chance and support a great author by buying her great book. You’ll feel glad that you did.

About the Book:

Perfect wives, imperfect lives, and upending the rules of behavior in 1960s America.

Law school graduate and newlywed Ruth Appelbaum is acclimating to life and marriage in a posh Philadelphia neighborhood. She’ll do almost anything to endear herself to her mother-in-law, who’s already signed up Ruth for etiquette lessons conducted by the impeccably accessorized tutor Lillian Diamond. But Ruth brings something fresh to the small circle of housewives—sharp wit, honesty, and an independent streak that won’t be compromised.

Right away Ruth develops a friendship with the shy Carrie Blum. When Carrie divulges a dark and disturbing secret lurking beneath her seemingly perfect life, Ruth invites Lillian and the Diamond Girls of the etiquette school to finally question the status quo.

Together they form an unbreakable bond and stretch well beyond their comfort zones. For once, they’ll challenge what others expect from them, discover what they expect from themselves, and do whatever it takes to protect one of their own—fine manners be damned.

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