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Photo of Y. M. Nelson, author and podcaster (Photo credit: Millard McCluney)

Romance and Romantic Fiction Writer, Podcaster, Nerdy Romantic

I’m Y. M. Nelson (she/her), and I’m based in Charlotte, NC. I write about love, women’s journeys, and amateur DIY. After I spent most of my writing “career” ghostwriting for companies, I realized there were no passionate verbs in company instruction manuals. So, I decided to produce and share my own work with the public.

So, I joined the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA). Then I wrote the Owen & Makayla romance story series, which has been downloaded over 900 times.  My debut romantic comedy The Accidental Swipe based on my #MyTinderSeries blog serial is a finalist in Contemporary Romance Writers’ Stiletto Awards.

In between bouts of writing, I create and host the Nerdy Romantics Podcast. To support this writing “habit,” I’m an English professor and have a day job.

My diehard tribe hangs out on my Nerdy Romantics Facebook Group.

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  1. Good evening. I found your profile on linkedin and decided to follow you as we shared much in common. I also work as an English Adjunct and write a blog Cupcakecache which was part of our business plan until we closed in December due to my husband’s illness. I am also trying to get more published and write daily. Best of luck to both of us! Looking forward to following your blog.

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