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Y. M. Nelson is based in Charlotte, NC and writes about love, writing, and amateur DIY. 

After she spent most of her writing “career” ghostwriting for companies and realized there were no passionate verbs in company instruction manuals, Y. M. decided to produce and share her own work with the public. She created the blogs “Writing Through Career Transition” and “Weekend DIY Girl”, where she delves into her writing life journey during the week and attempts to construct DIY projects on the weekends. Her eStories “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” and “Forty-Eight Hours of Bliss” from the Owen & Makayla Trilogy are on sale, and currently, she’s finishing “Living Between Dreams” (estimated release: 2019), book 1 of the Living Between Dreams series.

About “Writing Through Career Transition” (aka my blog):

“Writing Through Career Transition” started as a catharsis/rant/resource about my situation at the time: dealing with a (non-writing) job layoff while trying to find that unicorn known as a successful creative writing career. It has since blossomed into a resource for all things writing related–my journey, resources for other writers, and writing Q&A–while still being somewhat of a rant on career and update on unicorn sightings. (Featured on Charlotte Five.com)

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  1. Good evening. I found your profile on linkedin and decided to follow you as we shared much in common. I also work as an English Adjunct and write a blog Cupcakecache which was part of our business plan until we closed in December due to my husband’s illness. I am also trying to get more published and write daily. Best of luck to both of us! Looking forward to following your blog.

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