Hi! I’m Y. M. Nelson and I’m based in Charlotte, NC. I write about love, women’s journeys, and amateur DIY. After I spent most of my writing “career” ghostwriting for companies and realized there were no passionate verbs in company instruction manuals, I decided to produce and share my own work with the public.

So, I joined the Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), found some writing buddies, and created the Owen & Makayla romance story series. My debut romantic comedy The Accidental Swipe based on my #MyTinderSeries blog serial and was a finalist in Contemporary Romance Writers’ 2022 Stiletto Awards. When I’m not writing, I host the Nerdy Romantics Podcast  which I created. I can also be found teaching college English, baking something sweet, upcycling random pieces of furniture, or watching reruns from one of the Star Trek franchises.

My diehard tribe hangs out on my Nerdy Romantics Facebook Group.

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Need a Podcast Guest host?​

Hello podcast lovers! I am excited to announce that I am available to guest host your show. As an experienced podcaster with a passion for nerd pop culture, romance, and romantic women’s fiction, I am confident that I can bring a unique and entertaining perspective to your audience. Let’s collaborate to create an engaging and informative episode that your listeners are sure to love. Contact me today to book me as your guest host!

Friday Fun Reviews

What are Friday Fun Reviews?

Friday Fun Reviews are .gif happy reviews where I extol the virtues of a book I’ve read that I love.

Genres Reviewed

While some of my Friday Fun reviews go outside these genres somewhat, it’s usually because I’ve read a book I like, not because I’m seeking them out. So, please note the genres and the demographics. My readers and listeners are not YA or younger, so I don’t usually review books that are YA.

*all ADULT genre categories

  • Romance (subgenres include: rom-coms, contemporary romance, paranormal, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, some historical)
  • Chicklit and women’s fiction with romantic elements (some call it relationship fiction–to me that’s a broader category, but whatever)
  • Fantasy: see my review for Bethanie Devors’ Seadrassian Chronicles
  • Sci-Fi

For a review: Fill out the contact request form below with: your name, email, the book’s info, dates of release or marketing campaign dates . If I choose to review, I will request an ARC (scroll down to the “Arc formats” section.) I read and review and decide if I want to do a Friday Fun Review on a book, which means it’s usually 4 stars or more. I don’t publish reviews 2 stars or under for someone who’s requested a review from me. Friday Fun Reviews are a Goodreads review that I post to my blog and send to my Nerdy Romantics Newsletter subscribers (and advertise on social media). To see examples, go to ymnelson.com/tag/book-reviews/

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  1. Good evening. I found your profile on linkedin and decided to follow you as we shared much in common. I also work as an English Adjunct and write a blog Cupcakecache which was part of our business plan until we closed in December due to my husband’s illness. I am also trying to get more published and write daily. Best of luck to both of us! Looking forward to following your blog.

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