I had so much fun reading this nerdy romantic comedy about two rival archeologists that just can’t deny the attraction they have for one another. Check out my interview with the author on the Nerdy Romantics Podcast, coming soon. Make sure you are subscribed wherever you get your podcasts or my newsletter at /subscribe.

Tour Wars (Romancing the Ruins Book 3)Tour Wars by Carla Luna
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tour Wars is Book 3 of the Romancing the Ruins series and follows TJ and Emilia in this enemies-to-lovers nerdy romance set in Italy.
Italy, y’all.
Like, bucket-list-trip Italy.

But then you have to think, these 2 are archeologists. Emilia and TJ have just defended their doctoral dissertations and are now on the hunt for a job in the extremely competitive field of archeology. They both end up on a dig at Pompeii, doing what they love, but they are tour guides on the weekends –something they aren’t really enthused about, but they’re good at. When the two of them are tasked to lead a ten-day tour of Italy, they realize, maybe there’s more between them than just fighting with each other.

This is a flirty, maddening slow burn type of novel. Emilia and TJ bicker back and forth with each other, but you know they secretly love the fights, and are possibly digging each other. They make little digs (corny pun intended) and snarky flirty comments to each other, and eventually each realizes something might be happening here. So delicious y’all.

Well, in between all that deliciousness, you learn a little something too. You get a slice of the life of an archeologist (it ain’t all Indiana Jones and The Mummy y’all), what it’s like for a tour guide, (I had no idea we tourists were so annoying), and an appreciation for earlier civilizations. I loved that about this book. I even got a tip or two about traveling to the Amalfi Coast–one of my bucket list trips.

And here’s a rundown if you’re wondering about the small stuff:
yes, this is steamy.
Yes this is hilariously funny.
And yes, check your trigger warnings.
This is book 3, but it is a standalone complete with HEA. Books 1 and 2 focus on two other couples in their friend group, so while you feel at times, you’d probably be “in the know” more by reading books 1 and 2, you’ll still get a satisfying story starting with this one.

Overall, this was a cute, spicy romcom with a lot of nerdy and a lot of heart. I was rooting for these two to win, and you will too.

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