Friday Fun Review: The Player series by Nana Malone

The review below is for Bryce the first book in Nana Malone’s 6-book series. Check out the rest of my reviews for each of these on Goodreads (link after the Bryce review) if for nothing but to see the .gifs I chose for each book! 😁😉

Bryce (The Player, #1)Bryce by Nana Malone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s only been what… Oh, 8 months since I listened to this audiobook! High time I actually get to a review on this!
A little different than most of my reviews, I’ll talk about the series on all of these then drop a small bit about what stood out from each one in each book’s review section.

The Player Series
The series itself is a sports romance series and follows a wealthy family full of athletes in different sports. Each of the kids (5 boys and a girl) finds love in the 6-book series by Nana Malone. This reminded me a lot of Jaci Burton‘s Play-By-Play series, but with the generational athlete and wealth of its prominent family added. Entertaining series that I binged on in audiobook form.

Audiobook experience
This was my second foray into audiobooks, specifically in romance audiobooks (check out my first one in this podcast episode). Sebastian York and Traci Odom are dual narrating these as this series has dual H/h POVs. As a fan of Christian Fox’s, I didn’t think I would like Sebastian York, but that low gravelly voice of his is made for steamy and erotic romance! Traci was good. However, when she did voice a few male dialogue parts, she sounded comical. Some said she sounded too old for the female MCs. I think they both sound too old. But they were good voicing the story. It didn’t take away from the plot at all. Plus who cares?
Of course, these are steamy/erotic romances, so NSFW listening (or in the carpool or kid drop-off lane).

Speaking of age, Bryce is the oldest of the siblings. This is probably why I liked this book more than some of the others in the series. As someone who’s old enough to be a few of these kids’ mother, the younger the MCs, the less I identify with them or what they’re going through. And each one of these books has these characters going through something.

Bryce is suffering from a potential career-ending injury. Tami is dealing with a dream of a tennis career put aside to deal with her mother’s illness. These two go through some struggles to make it to or back to success and to be together.

While I may not be scrambling to listen to these again, they are entertaining, sexy and they have full plots. However, listening to these would be my preferred method of consuming them ;)

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